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The atomicRack - Developing Bicycle Rack

I never needed Bicycle Rack to park my bicycle. Like everybody else I leaned my bicycle unsecured leaned against a wall.

When my kids started to walk around and talk and visit every corner of our home including our garage (Where my bicycle parked unsecured against a wall) everything changed.

For my kids safety, I was forced to strap my $3500 bicycle to static objects using all kind of solutions for it: tapes,  rubber bands - you name it.

Coming to think about it, I never was happy about dropping my $3500 bicycle unsecured against walls, but for luck of choices or laziness - I have indeed leaned my bicycle unsecured against a wall in my garage for many years...

I have considered many Bicycle Rack. Many are available in stores and most are very good and function well.

Its simply that none of those bicycle racks ever fit the way I liked to park my bicycle.

All I searched for was an easy way to secure my bicycle to a wall.

You Click here to see all the other bicycle rack I checked...

I have try wall mount Bicycle Racks - I had to lift my bicycle up... Kept looking for bicycle rack.

I have try Ceiling mount garage bicycle rack - now I had to pool the string each time I am back.

I try the Arc bicycle rack that you mount on the floor and push the front wheel in the slot - and almost bent the front disk of my bicycle.

All I wanted was something that will keep my bicycle secured to a wall, on their wheels, in an elegant and easy way, so go ride and return will be the easiest thing to do. No bicycle rack made it...

So I went ahead and made my own.

At first, I made it out of wood, (Click here to see the first models... Wooden Bicycle Rack)

I mounted it to a wall - Wall Bicycle Rack as it called, and started to use it.

Man was this a surprise...

Kind of a "roll out and ride then roll in and park" bicycle rack, smooth, obvious, so needed...

It only took me couple times to realize that this bicycle rack works so good - I must do something about it and share it with the world...

Manufacturing the atomicRack was a fascinating story: Click here to read about the manufacturing this fantastic bicycle rack in America, in a factory located near Los Angeles, California.

This Bicycle Rack is a patented product.
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