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Various Bicycle Rack I considered.


Outdoor Bicycle RackThere are the outdoor arc Bicycle Racks. Those obviously does not fit a garage... I have found this bicycle rack at http://www.outdoorfunstore.com/




I have try a 2 bicycle rack. I got it here at http://www.organizes-it.com/. Brilliant solution, I almost settle with it. But realized (almost to late) that it bent the disks of the disk breaks... One more point - It stays on the floor and taking space when I am gone...







I have considered the Bicycle Storage Rack of http://www.brookstone.com/.

Yet another brilliant bicycle rack, only that my other bicycle (Specialized FSR Elite) could not be hanged on it.

Anyone who own the Specialized FSR would know that it is hard enough to use its frame for the purpose of hanging the bicycle...

Another option I loved was the wall mount bicycle rack I have found at http://www.organizes-it.com/. I has all that the atomicRack is offering: fold and consume no space when idling. Easy to install.

But it misses two important points that are important for me: I needed to lift the bicycle each time I want to park it, and my famous FSR would not fit in it - not without risking the rear shock and scratch the frame...






To make a point, here is a search page of Google it self - "Bicycle Rack." Try and find a better one! The few lines below are build right from a search for "Bicycle Rack" in Google. Check it out:


"Bicycle Rack" - Google Search

About 7,040,000 results
    Image result for "Bicycle Rack"
    Bicycle carrier
    A bicycle carrier, also commonly called a bike rack, is a device attached to an automobile or bus for transporting bicycles. Wikipedia


To sum it all up...

I had tried quite a few bicycle racks only to realize the I need to be Houdini the wizard if I wanted to hang the bicycle on it without scratching the frame or rear shock, not to talk about lifting those 30 pounds FSR bicycle each time I return - not a happy time I can tell you...

I bought few models of bicycle racks only to realize that each bicycle rack I tried had a fault in it, and would not serve me the way I like...

Yet my $3500 bicycle parked loose in my garage, and I had plenty of walls available...

Being a resourceful person, I have determined to end my misery, and came up with the atomicRack.

atomicRack - it works for me so good - It will probably work for you just as well.

Simple, Obvious, Ingenuous, Affordable bicycle rack.

Click here to get your own!

This Bicycle Rack is a patented product.
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