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atomicRack - The Bicycle Rack for garage

Below is a short video clip that introduces the atomicRack - Bicycle Rack for garage.


This Bicycle Rack requires you to have some place near a wall. Do you have a length of a bicycle free near a wall - then you should own an atomicRack.

Alternatively, you may have a loved one who owns a bicycle and you wish to treat them?

The atomicRack makes a very nice present, which values way beyond its purchase price...

The bicycle Holder has many advantages, some of them are:

  • Coolness: This bicycle rack has a "Hi Tech" design and will complement your precious modern "Hi Tech" design bicycle.

  • Safety: This Bicycle Rack's Gripper makes it hard to push / pull the bicycle so that it falls on the floor. This is particularly true when you compare this with common situations where riders are leaning a bicycle against the wall, or using The Bicycle Jack.

  • Convenience: Going out to ride or park the bicycle becomes a convenient one-click- action.

  • Efficiency: This bicycle holder virtually takes no room when not in use. It simply hangs flat on the wall, and waits for you to come back.

  • Price: Get an idea for bicycle racks prices on this website: HomeOrganizerShop.com. Our prices are best!

Click here to see the Bicycle Rack in use.

Click here to see Technical Gallery.

This Bicycle Rack is a patented product.
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