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Bicycle Rack Manufacturing - Made In America atomicRack

Manufacturing the atomicRack was a challenge:

First, I had to come up with the design, then find a factory that can manufacture Bicycle Racks at a reasonable price so I'll be able to market it.

But above all, I wanted it to be made in America. A "Made In America Bicycle Rack." is what I wanted to have.

So to start with, I have made a model out of wood. You would raise your eyebrow thinking about a wooden bicycle rack... Well look here and see for your self. The very first model of the atomicRack was made out of wood... See here this wooden atomicRack...

It took few weeks on my computer to come up with the design for the atomicRack (At that time, atomicRack was not even exist - I called it just Wall Mount Bicycle Rack.)

It end up with a fantastic 3D Bicycle Rack model of the atomicRack. Click here to take a look.

When the design was completed, I had to find a manufacturer that can make the atomicRack in a reasonable price, in America.

Simple task it was not, I can tell you...

But is there is a wheel, there is a way: Searching the Internet I manage to locate a bicycle rack manufacturer, right here near Los Angeles, and after negotiation production began.

I got some nice images of the production - continue down:

atomicRack - Manufacturing Bicycle Rack

Here are some images of the mold of the atomicRack - take a look and see the atomicRack its self molded into the metal











Manufacturing Bicycle Rack - atomicRack in the mold, in the Bicycle Rack Factory

Can you see the gripper here?











manufacture the atomicRack

The machine we use to manufacture the atomicRack











atomicRack ready for delivery

The first few shuts of the atomicRack - Man was I happy to see this...












atomicRack - packed and ready to go:

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This Bicycle Rack is a patented product.
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