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A Bicycle Rack for Garage, Bicycle Rack for Apartment.

The atomicRack is a wall mount bicycle rack designed to park your bicycle.

Its a static bicycle rack for garage or for apartment.

Simple, take no room when idling, it is a must for every bicycle rider out there.

Look at the video at the right - It shows how this bicycle rack will works for you.

atomicRack - Wall mounter bicycle rack for garageThe atomicRack fits in many places:

  • It is a perfect bicycle rack for garage.
  • It is ideal bicycle rack for apartment.
  • It will serve you well in the maintenance are where you hang your bicycle for oiling, cleaning and alignments of your bicycle before you go to ride or when you return.

Developing this bicycle rack was a fascinating story - click here and enjoy and see the whole story about how it was developed and where the atomicRack name came from.

atomicRack - Cool Bicycle Rack for garage or for apartment

Picture your own bicycle secured to a wall using the atomicRack.

Lifting the bicycle if history.

Hang your bicycle on the ceiling is old fushion.

Scratching to your bicycle's frame is unlikely.

Confidence that you'll find your bicycle where you've parked it is there.

One should expect all those are all qualities on each and every day!

All you need is an atomicRack. Simple, Obvious, Ingenuous, Affordable.

Click here to get your own!

atomicRack - Unclip your bicycle from the rack

Imagine your self unclip your bicycle's seatpost and go ride.

Two fingers pinch is all it takes to release your bicycle and go to ride.

It does not get any better then that.

Move your mouse over the image for zoom on the atomicRack's gripper:

atomicRack - easiest bicycle rackYou returning from a ride.

Forget about lifting your bicycle or hang your bicycle on the ceiling.

Using the atomicRack, you simply "drive in"

Its a "Drive-In" bicycle rack. Roll your bicycle in and push your bicycle's seatpost in. You're done!

The gripper of the atomicRack  automatically locks your bicycle soon as you push your bicycle's seatpost in it.

Click, and your bicycle are parked secured to the wall.  Click here to see large image.

Have the atomicRack. You can't go wrong. And if you don't like it - we will accept it back.

Go ahead to get your own!

atomicRack - hang your helmet on your bicycle rackWhat a helmet has to do with bicycle rack?

Nothing, for any other bicycle rack and a whole lot if this is the atomicRack.

The atomicRack has integrated hooks designed to hold your helmet.

You simply hang your helmet on the atomicRack after parking your bicycle.

Save space, Convenience, near your bicycle, protected, and will make it hard to leave your helmet at home when you go to ride...

How no one though about it before? Watch the image at the right. Hover your mouse over it and observe:

Last and no less important - when your bicycle are out, The atomicRack consume no space!

Unlike many other bicycle racks, When idling, the atomicRack hangs flat with the wall, take no space, safe, humble waiting for you to return.

The atomicRack has it all: simple, convenience, take no space, fun to use. A must for every bicycle rider there is!

There are other Bicycle Racks in the market. Click here to see them.

Don't settle for less then the best:

The atomicRack has it all: simple, convenience, take no space, fun to use.

A must for every bicycle rider there is!

Go Get one today!

Enjoy this fantastic Bicycle Rack.

It only takes few days for the mail to deliver it to you.

This is the right Bicycle Rack for you!

There risk is none!

If it does not work for you, send it back for full refund, no questions asked.

Click here and go to the Order Page now.

This Bicycle Rack is a patented product.
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